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Title: Information Technologies in Translation
Other Titles: A Study Guide
Authors: Yelisieieva, S. V.
Keywords: Information Technologies
Study Guide
written translation
the appropriate software (S/W)
multimedia technologies
working with translation programs
Optical Character Recognition
Electronic Dictionary
Machine Translation
Computer-Aided Translation
Translation Memory
Translation Memory Databases
Linguistic Software
Layout programs
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: PMBSNU Publishing House
Abstract: The basis of the training course Information Technologies in Translation lies the model of work cycle on translation, which describes the sequence of necessary actions for qualified performance and further maintenance of written translation order. At each stage, translators use the appropriate software (S/W), which simplifies the work and allows to improve the quality of the finished documentation. The course familiarizes students with all stages of the translation work cycle and with those components of the software used at each stage. Besides, this training course includes information on working with the latest multimedia technologies that are widely used nowadays for presentations of various information materials. This training course is designed primarily for those students who acquire the qualification of translator, but it can be useful for those willing to improve their knowledge in working with translation programs.
Description: Yelisieieva S. V. Information Technologies in Translation : A Study Guide / S. V. Yelisieieva. – Мykolaiv : PMBSNU Publishing House, 2018. – 176 р.
URI: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/123456789/246
ISBN: 978-966-336-399-8
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