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2023Automatic Synthesis of Rule Bases of Fuzzy Control Systems Based on Genetic AlgorithmsKozlov, O.; Kondratenko, Y.
2023Comparative Analysis of Parametric Optimization Techniques: Fuzzy DSS for Medical DiagnosticsKozlov, O.; Kondratenko, Y.; Skakodub, O.
2023Computational Method for Diagnosing Cardiovascular Diseases with Preliminary Filtering of Measurement Errors of Cardiogram ParametersAtamanyuk, I.; Kondratenko, Y.; Shebanina, O.; Dudziński, M.; Borchik, E.; Sadovoy, O.
2023Computational Method of the Cardiovascular Diseases Classification Based on a Generalized Nonlinear Canonical Decomposition of Random SequencesAtamanyuk, I.; Kondratenko, Y.; Havrysh, V.; Volosyuk, Y.
2022Decision Support System for the Safety of Ship Navigation Based on Optical Color Logic GatesTimchenko, V.; Kondratenko, Y.; Kreinovich, V.
2022Fuzzy Automatic Control of the Pyrolysis Process for the Municipal Solid Waste of Variable CompositionKozlov, O.; Kondratenko, Y.; Lysiuk, H.; Kryvda, V.; Maksymova, O.
2023Fuzzy Color Computing Based on Optical Logical ArchitectureTimchenko, V.; Kondratenko, Y.; Kozlov, O.; Kreinovich, V.
2023Implementation of Generative Adversarial Networks in Mobile Applications for Image Data EnhancementStriuk, O.; Kondratenko, Y.
2023Implementation of Optical Logic Gates Based on Color FiltersTimchenko, V.; Kondratenko, Y.; Kreinovich, V.
2023Machine Learning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Routing on Rough TerrainSidenko, I.; Trukhov, A.; Kondratenko, G.; Zhukov, Y.; Kondratenko, Y.
2023Neural Network Control of the Mobile Robotic Platform’s Adhesion ForceKondratenko, Y.; Wang, K.; Kozlov, O.; Shevchenko, A.; Denysenko, A.
2023Optimization Strategy for Generative Adversarial Networks DesignStriuk, O.; Kondratenko, Y.
2023Swarm Optimization of Fuzzy Systems for Mobile Robots with Remote ControlKozlov, O.; Kondratenko, Y.; Skakodub, O.; Gerasin, O.; Topalov, A.
2023The Architecture of Optical Logical Coloroid with Fuzzy ComputingTimchenko, V.; Kondratenko, Y.; Kreinovich, V.
2023Towards Implementing the Strategy of Artificial Intelligence Development: Ukraine PeculiaritiesKondratenko, Y.; Kondratenko, G.; Shevchenko, A.; Slyusar, V.; Zhukov, Y.; Vakulenko, M.